2 ISIS mercenaries killed in Mosul

On Friday, the Security Media Cell announced the killing of two ISIS mercenaries, one of whom is called "the security detachments official" in al-Sheikh Ibrahim mountain range in a security operation on the right side of Mosul.

The cell stated in a statement, "With intensive field follow-up and efforts to pursue the remains of ISIS terrorist mercenaries, a joint force of the 92nd Brigade of the 15th Division and the Nineveh Intelligence and Combat Cell managed to kill two terrorists; one of whom is called the security detachment official of ISIS mercenaries operating in al-Sheikh Ibrahim mountains."

It added, "This operation comes after a tight ambush for them, and clashing with them in the Atshana mountain range on the right side of Mosul city, and a member of the intelligence cell was injured during the implementation of this duty."

On the 28th of last month, the Iraqi Popular Mobilization announced the start of joint operations with the Iraqi army and border guards to purify Akashat desert towards the Iraqi-Syrian border against the backdrop of the escalation of ISIS mercenaries' attacks on the country.

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