2 civilians martyred, 3 wounded in Qerenful village massacre _ UPDATED

3 wounded from Qerenful village in Girê Spî countryside, which was bombed by the Turkish drone, reached the hospitals of Kobanê city, while 2 civilians martyred in the bombardment.

The Turkish army committed on Wednesday a massacre against a family in the village of Qerenful west of Girê Spî city by bombing Turkish reconnaissance aircraft of their car in the center of the village.

Our correspondents quoted from witnesses from the area that a civilian car was bombed by Turkish reconnaissance aircraft in the village of Qerenful, killing two civilians and wounding three others seriously, including children, while some of the residents managed to reach the injured, take them out of the village and transport them to Kobanê city hospitals for receiving the medical treatment.

The wounded known included Rokestan Mahmoud Fattouh; 22 years old, Neroz Mahmoud Fattoh; 25 years old, who were wounded in most of their body and transported from Kobanê hospital to the hospitals of Manbij city because of the seriousness of their situation, in addition to the young man Mohammed Mahmoud Fattouh who lightly got wounded and is receiving the treatment in Kobanê hospital.

While the citizen Nitham Mahmoud Fattouh, at 20, got martyred.



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