​​​​​​​1st first aid course in Girê Spî camp ended

The Health Committee in Girê Spî displaced camp completed its first course of first aid, while the administration promised to hold more similar courses to improve the health situation inside the camp.

22 residents of the camp joined the first course, 13 of them successfully passed the course.

The course, which was supervised by specialized medical staff from the Martyr Omar Alloush Hospital lasted for 25 days, during which they received theoretical and practical lessons on first aid, "dressing wounds, measuring pressure, injecting needles and other first aid."

During the graduation event, certificates were distributed to the graduates proving that they had completed the course, while the administration in Girê Spî displaced camp, Ali al-Nada, congratulated the trainees for their graduation and successful completion of the course, calling on them to apply what they learned during the course inside the camp and to disseminate the information they learned in their sectors.

Al-Nada pledged that this session will be followed by similar courses to improve health conditions in the camp.

The joined member Amora Khalil thanked the camp's administration for holding such courses inside the camp, through which they can gain practical experiences that will make them useful people in the communities in which they live.

Girê Spî displaced camp lacks health support from any medical organization, except for the simple treatment services provided by the Health Committee in Girê Spî canton to the camp residents.



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