1st course of Self-Defense in al-Raqqa ended

The Martyr Ahmed al-Ali Academy for the Self-Defense Forces in the city ended on Monday its first course which was named the "Martyrs of Hajin" Course by the participation of 250 young people voluntarily, and that took place during ceremony.


The graduation ceremony was attended by the commanders of the Self-Defense Forces, the commanders of the Syrian Democratic Forces, members of the Civil Council and the Committee of the Martyrs' Families, as well as the families of the joiners.

The graduation ceremony began with performing a military parade by the joiners. That was followed by several speeches, including the speech of the administrator in the Self-Defense Office delivered by Zaidan al-Asi who said, "Many countries have gathered their reactionary forces to target the security and stability of the region with the support of the mercenaries and terrorist gangs in order to thwart the democratic experiment and the people's fraternity because the democratic project threatens their interests.

While the co-chair of the Martyrs Families Shamsa al-Saleh said, "We congratulate you for your generous efforts and your perseverance and commitment in your course which was full of constructive information and ideas in order to establish a democratic state keen for the property of the homeland and the achievements of the martyrs."

It is worth noting that this course is the first of its kind which lasted for 30 days where the trainees received intellectual and military training and physical fitness, and after graduation, the joiners will be sorted on the military points within the city.



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