19 Palestinians arrested, activities rejecting of Bahrain conference in Palestinian lands launched

The Israeli army arrested 16 Palestinians on Mondaymorning, during a campaign of arrests in different parts of the West Bank, while Palestinian activities have been launched throughout the Palestinian territories, rejecting the deal of the century, and the Bahrain conference.

Our correspondent (ANHA) quoted Palestinian sources as saying that the Israeli army arrested 16 Palestinians after breaking into their homes and taking over their personal properties in different parts of the West Bank.

While the Israeli media said that the army arrested those who described them as wanted, allegedly for their participation in activities against the army.

In another context, our correspondent reported the launch of popular Palestinian activities, wide rejection of the deal of the century and the Bahrain conference, which is scheduled be held on Tuesday.

Our correspondent pointed out that the protest activities started in the Palestinian territories and the Palestinian refugee camps abroad, in rejection of the Bahrain conference and the "deal of the century".

It is noteworthy that these protest activities precede the economic conference called by the United States of America in the Bahraini capital Manama on Tuesday.

The protests, which called for Palestinian factions, will continue until June 26.

In a related matter, Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammed Ashtayat said: "US representatives in the Bahraini capital of Manama is thin, representation is weak and its results will be futile, and Palestine's rejection of it and its non-participation has delegitimized it."

The Prime Minister, in a press statement, quoted by the agency "Wafa" official: "The solution of the Palestinian issue is political, and the end of the occupation and enable us to control our resources, and build an independent economy."

He concluded by saying: "Whoever seeks to achieve peace and prosperity for the Palestinian people, he must call on Israel to stop stealing our land, piracy of our assets and confiscating our natural resources and capabilities, and to force it to end its occupation, stop settlement and eliminate its consequences, lift the siege on the Gaza Strip, and to abide by the dictates of international law and international resolutions "He said.



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