159 bodies exhumed from the cemetery of al-Fikhikha

Al-Raqqa Civil Council’s initial response team continues to retrieve the bodies from several sites in the city of Raqqa. The most prominent of these sites are the cemetery of Fikhikha; the number of bodies recovered so far has reached 159.


The initial response team recovered today 11 bodies in the city of Raqqa, nine of which were recovered from the mass grave recently found in the village of Fikhikha south of the city in the area of ​​Shamia (south of the river), where locals discovered two bodies that were handed to their families at once.

The remaining bodies were taken to the cemetery of Tel al-Bai’a, bringing the number of bodies exhumed from the cemetery to 159 bodies, in addition that, the initial response team recovered the bodies of a man and a woman in Idikhar district in the city of al-Raqqa.

The initial response team began work last month to exhume the bodies from the tomb of al-Fikhakha village, where preliminary statistics indicate the existence of more than 1,500 bodies in this cemetery.

Chief of the initial response team Yassir Khamis noted, "The initial response team is still working on the work begun in the 20th of last month, which is the exhumation of the bodies from the cemetery of Fikhikha, and through the work, the total number of bodies in this cemetery has exceeded 1,500. The reason for this is that the team discovered 4 sites within Fikhikha village, which we were informed of through the parents." He said.

"Each section of the cemetery has a special nature, a section for the militants and a section for civilians," he said. "The number of bodies that were recovered reached 159 bodies ranging from an armed man, a child, a woman and an unidentified person."

Yassir Khamis went on saying, "With the presence of 4 sites within al-Raqqa city and under the cement blocks, a site in the Bedouin neighborhood and a site in the eastern Panorama neighborhood and a location in the neighborhood of Rumaila and another site west of Jazra road junction, and the team is divided on all sections and work continues.

It is worth mentioning that the team recovered 3,310 bodies from the cemetery of Panorama neighborhood since mid-January, residents have identified 550 of them and were handed over to their families, and 850 bodies belonging to the elements of Daesh, while 1,910 bodies remain unidentified.


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