150 strike on reduction of escalation

The tension in the so called "reduction of the escalation"  area witnessed 150 blow during the 57th day of escalation, with the introduction of additional military forces for fighting fronts.

The tension continues in the so-called "reduction of escalation" between the forces of the regime and the mercenaries supported by the Turkish occupation. The aircraft of the military regime carried out four raids on Tuesday morning, targeting the hills of Kebana in the village of northern rural Lattakia countryside.

The planes also carried out several raids on the military airport of Teftnaz this morning, and was targeted after midnight, more than 10 raids in the town of Kafrzita and its surroundings and the village of Jabin of northern and northern North Hama, while the area of ​​"reduction of escalation" subjected to bomb of more than 120 shells and missile by the forces of the regime after the middle of the night, where they targeted Tel Meleh and al-Jabin and Kafarzita and its surroundings in the countryside of Hama, and the axes of Zammar and Jezraya and al-Rashedin in the countryside of Aleppo.

While violent clashes broke out in the middle of the night on the axis of al-Rashedin between the forces of the regime and mercenaries of Turkey, accompanied by mutual targets heavy machine guns, without information on casualties.

Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper reported that the forces of the regime brought large military reinforcements of heavy vehicles, soldiers and military and logistical equipment to their positions in the north-western Hama countryside.


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