15 mercenaries killed in explosion took place in Serêkaniyê

On Wednesday last night, an explosion took place at the customs center of Serêkaniyê, which is being taken by Sultan Murad's mercenaries as a stronghold, resulted in killing 15 mercenaries and wounding others.

 According to information from within the city of Serêkaniyê in Al-Jazeera region, huge explosion occurred Wednesday last night in the customs center which was taken by mercenaries Sultan Murad as headquarter.

According to information, 15 mercenaries were killed and others were injured.

Local sources explained that the mercenaries of Sultan Murad were collecting the fuel oil they were stealing from the houses of the inhabitants of Serêkaniyê in headquarter at the customs center, and that a dispute occurred among the mercenaries because of the sharing of fuel quotas, and they used weapons and bombs between them.

The video attached to the news shows a side of the scene of the explosion.





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