143 days passed, strike is still ongoing

Leyla Guven entered the 143rd day in her hunger strike, and the strike of Nesir Yagiz entered the 130th day, while 20 MPs from the German Left Party asked Merkel's government to work to meet the hunger strikers' demands.

The hunger strike of the parliamentarian of the Democratic Peoples' Party and the co-chair of the Democratic Society Conference Leyla Guven entered the 143rd days, demanding to lift the isolation on the Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The strike of the representative of the Democratic People's Party in Hewler Nasir Yagiz entered the 130th day, and the strike of the 14 activists in Strasbourg and Imam Shish in Wels entered the 104th day.

According to the information, the situation of Nasir Yagiz is critical, as he is suffering from pains in the head and eyes, and cannot sleep or stand on his feet. Yagiz cannot get out of his room because of his health status.

In the building of the Democratic People's Party in Amed city, the parliamentarians in the Peoples' Democratic Party, Dersim Dag, Tayeb Taml and Murad Sarsag continue their hunger strike.

The strike of detainees in the Turkish state's prisons, which began on 16 December, entered its 105th day. On 1 March, the strike took place in all prisons in the Turkish state.

Detainees continue to go on hunger strike in their homes

The detainee Sadat Akin, who started his hunger strike in Erzincan prison continues his hunger strike in Batman for the 83rd days. While the detainee Gharbat Akteren, who began the hunger strike at Bakirkoy prison in Istanbul in January 15, continues her strike at her home in Dêrik of Mardin since her release on March 8. The detainee Ihsan Sunmash, at 55, began a hunger strike at the Silvary prison in Istanbul on 1 March and continues his strike at his home in Gokurkumga district of Istanbul since his release on March 11.

The detainee Ferdi Qara Bei who began hunger strike on March 1 continues the strike at his home since his release on 22 March. The detainee Sinan Arkelji, who has been on hunger strike since March 1, continues his hunger strike at his home in the Pashak Shahir district of Istanbul after his release on March 21.

Left Party's parliamentarians in Germany appeal to the government

20 MPs from the German Leftist Party delivered a petition to Merkel's government to intervene in the hunger strike.

The petition included criticism of the Merkel government about its delay and its disregard of the events in Turkey. "The leading country in the European Union can force Turkey to abide by principles and laws and to save the lives of hunger strikers. You should try this time, not for economic relations, but for human life."

In a related context, a delegation of members of the Swedish supporting group visited commanders of the Red Party and members of the German Leftist Party, Leyla Guven in her house in Amed and the hunger striker for 143rd days.



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