129 Syrian mercenaries killed in Libya; Turkey continue to recruit

The number of Syrian mercenaries killed-those Turkey sent to fight alongside the National Accord Government- has risen to 129 mercenaries, as a result of clashes in the Libyan capital, while Turkey continues its recruitment operations inside Turkish territory.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that the number of Syrian pro-Turkey mercenaries killed has increased as a result of military operations in Libya to 129 fighters.

The observatory confirmed that the mercenaries who were killed were from the “Al-Mu'tasim Brigade, the Sultan Murad Brigade, Suqour Shamal Brigade, Al Hamzat and Suleiman Shah”, during the clashes on the axes of Salah Al-Din neighborhood south of Tripoli, the Ramla axis near Tripoli airport and the axis of the Hadaba project, in addition to Misurata battles and other areas in Libya.

In the same context, the observatory said that the Turkish side has deliberately reduced the salaries of the Syrian fighters who were recruited and sent to fight in Libya, after the number of recruits exceeded the limit set by Turkey, which is 6000 fighters.

It is noteworthy that during the previous period, the number of mercenaries who arrived in the Libyan capital "Tripoli" so far has increased to 4,750 mercenaries, while the number of mercenaries who arrived in the Turkish camps to receive training amounted to about 1900 mercenaries.


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