​​​​​​​12,000 displaced people's lives at Washokani under NGOS's mercy

As the summer is at doors, and with spread of disease, the administration of Washawkani camp asked the concerned authorities and organizations to provide medical services for the displaced, child vaccines and pesticide, complaining at the same time about the almost complete absence of the organizations' work.

Despite the Autonomous Administration of northeast of Syria and the Kurdish Red Crescent provide services to Washokani camp in light of its meager capabilities, the camp displaced suffer especially with the advent of the summer, and the high temperature rise, in light of the almost complete absence of organizations .

The number of families at the camp, which was built on an area of more than 600 square kilometers, is 12 km west of the center of Al-Hasakah, according to the camp's administration.

To accommodate these families, the camp's administration, in collaboration with the Kurdish Red Crescent and the administration, set up 1,700 tents to some 12,000 displaced people.

The administrator of the KRC at Washokani camp, Jihan Amer, explained to Hawar News Agency that the displaced suffer from lack of support , especially with temperatures rise and lack of fans and refrigeration devices.

Providing medical services to the camp is a duty of the organizations concerned

Amer said that diarrhea is on increase due to the hot weather, and added, "If the situation continues like this, it will chronic hepatitis cases will appear with high temperatures."

Amer stressed that the concerned organizations should provide vaccines and pesticides to kill scorpions and snakes at the camp, We had previously published news in this regard under the title Scorpions and snakes threaten the displaced at "Washokani" The administration works to solve the problem.

The displaced suffering continues at "Washokani" in light of the failure of organizations, amid a new threat to their lives unless humanitarian organizations provide medical services to them.

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