12 persons wounded in Qamishlo bombing; in stable condition

The explosion that took place in front of Virgin Church in Wista district of the city of Qamishlo left 12 wounded; their condition is stable.

On Thursday, at 17:45, a bomb exploded in Wista district in Qamishlo canton, resulting in the injury of 12 wounded who were taken to the city's hospitals for treatment.

Our correspondents received the names of the wounded from the hospitals they were transferred to. The seven injured people arrived at Al Rahma Hospital: Yassin Luka, Barzum Hasina, Samir Suleiman, Sami Eido, Fahima Shamoun, Eliza Issa and another wounded person. Dar al-Shifa Hospital received "Kurdi Issa, Daoud Daniel, Joseph Jacob", and the names of the wounded in Salam hospital are "Yasmin Luke, Korea Hanna."

The medical staff in all hospitals confirmed that the conditions of the wounded are all stable and that there are no serious injuries.    


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