12 Palestinians arrested in West Bank

On Monday morning, Israeli army arrested 12 Palestinians during the campaign of arrests in the West Bank, while the army opened fire at Gaza fishermen and farmers during their work.

Our correspondent (ANHA's) quoted Palestinian sources as saying, "The Israeli army arrested 12 Palestinians from different parts of the West Bank after their personal properties were destroyed."

He pointed out that the Israeli army erected its military checkpoints at the entrances and exits of various areas of the West Bank in order to search the exiting and returning Palestinians.

In Gaza, our correspondent said the Israeli army fired heavy fire at farmers near the border fence, as well as Gaza fishermen at sea, which led to the destruction of some of their properties, as a result of direct targeting.

Our correspondent (ANHA) added that the army targeted the fishermen in a much smaller area than allowed to fish, as they are allowed fishing in an area of 12 miles, while Israeli boats targeted the fishermen when they reached a distance of 6 miles.

On Sunday, three Palestinian fishermen were arrested and their boats were confiscated by the Israeli army.

It is worth mentioning that the Israeli targeting of fishermen and farmers comes on a daily basis, while the Israeli army is waging arrests against Palestinians in the West Bank.



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