12 civilians' bodies raised from rubble in Mushrafa

The convoy of al-Jazeera region heading towards Serêkaniyê, which stopped in al-Mushrafa village of Serêkaniyê, lifted the corpses of 12 civilian martyrs from the rubble of the village.

The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries had bombed the village of al-Mushrafa of Serêkaniyê, resulting in the destruction of a number of the inhabited houses in the village.

A convoy of residents of northern and eastern Syria, which was heading to Serêkaniyê, arrived in the village of al-Mushrafa, where they began to search under the rubble for the bodies of the martyrs and the wounded.

According to our correspondent accompanying the convoy, during the searches, the people found 12 civilian martyrs' corpses, which they picked up from the rubble in the village.

Our correspondent explained that the search operations were still ongoing.


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