11 Turkish soldiers killed in Heftanin

11 soldiers of the Turkish occupation army  were killed in operations carried out by the People Defense Forces, HPG and Free Women units – YJA Star in Heftanin.

On the operations carried out by the HPG, the forces released the following information:

At 09:45, our forces carried out an operation against the occupation army in the Martyrs Square, Shilan Square in Tel Kartal. Our forces attacked the enemy from three axes. The operation resulted in killing 11 soldiers from the enemy army.

At 16:30, fighters of YJA-Star carried out a sniper attack on the enemy soldiers on the Martyr Berkhwadan hill in Khantour Square, killing soldier.

At 20:30, our forces hit the enemy soldiers on Dubeshk hill, in the operation, one soldier killed and two others wounded.

Operation against the occupying army in Shiverza

Within the campaign of the martyr Bager and the revolutionary martyr Ronia, our forces carried out an operation in the Shiverza square of Cili in Colemêrg targeting the occupation army soldiers who were cutting trees and digging trenches. Where our forces have monitored the movements of the enemy soldiers for a long time and on the 24th of July at 11:00 am our forces have targeted the soldiers. In this operation, one soldier was killed and another wounded. After the operation, the occupation forces began a military operation in the area, but withdrew from the area on the same day.



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