11 Palestinians arrested, Israel began implementing understandings with Gaza

The Lebanese newspaper, al-Akhbar, said that Israel had begun to implement the understandings of the cease-fire after agreeing on the terms of the Palestinian factions in Gaza, while the Israeli army arrested 11 Palestinians during a security crackdown in the West Bank.

Our correspondent from Gaza said that the Palestinian Fishermen's Syndicate in Gaza announced on Monday morning, that the Israeli army has expanded the fishing area in Gaza Sea to 15 miles instead of 9 miles, which was the space allowed to fishermen before the truce understandings, which is described by the Israeli newspaper "Yediot Aharonot" as an unprecedented distance in Gaza since 2000.

In the same context, added the Lebanese newspaper of al-Akhbar, that the step to expand the fishing distance in the sea of Gaza is the first stages of implementation of the understandings of truce between Gaza and Israel, while the second step during this week will be an increase in the number of trucks entering through the Kerem Abo Salem crossing, noting that a foreign delegation will visit Gaza in the mid-month to see the humanitarian situation.

The expansion of the fishing area follows the re-opening of the crossings with the Gaza Strip, where the Israeli authorities opened on Sunday the Kerem Abo Salem commercial crossing and Beit Hanoun / Erez crossing after closing during the last six days, as part of the facilities proposed by the Israeli government, according to the Israeli media reported.

Furthermore, Palestinian sources said that the Israeli army arrested 11 Palestinians from different cities in the West Bank after the destruction of their homes and property, while the Israeli army's spokesman announced the arrest of what they described as the wanted, alleging that the implemented security activities against the army.



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