101 Days go on as AANES Rep to S. Kurdistan remains abducted 

Authorities of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the PDK, continue to detain AANES's Jihad Hesen though his health conditions are deteriorating.

Jihad Hesen, representative of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria to Hewler, and Mustafa Khalil and Mustafa Aziz both members of Relations of the Democratic Union Party, the PYD, were all abducted by authorities of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the PDK, on 10 June 2021 at the Erbil International Airport as they were going to receive some guests.

Both PYD's Mustafa Khalil and Mustafa Aziz were released on 29 July after being abducted for 50 days while Jihad Hesen remains up to date held as his health deteriorates.

Based on assured information received on August 2, the Political Representation of the AANES to Southern Kurdistan said that Hesen's health was deteriorating, holding PDK the whole responsibility for Jihad's condition.

This comes by the PDK authorities in contradiction to all relevant diplomatic norms and international laws.

Since abducted up to date, authorities of the PDK have not given any grounds for holding Hesen and PYD's.

The case attracted wide spread dissatisfaction by people in North and East Syria at a time unity is urged to stand up to schemes hatched by the Turkish occupation state against Kurds and Kurdistan.



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