10 Turkish occupation soldiers killed in actions saluting August 15 campaign

10 soldiers from the Turkish occupation army were killed in actions saluting the August 15 Campaign. A drone, one camera and a mobesse surveillance system was destroyed.

The statement published by the HPG Media Office read: “Our historical resistance against the occupation is increasing in size in the mountains of Kurdistan which represents the spirit of victory of the August 15 campaign. The war criminal Turkish state is left helpless against the historical resistance carried out by our forces. They are violating all legal and moral values in front of the eyes of the world by using tactical nuclear bombs and chemical weapons to carry out bombardments.  Despite these unprovoked attacks, the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas are fighting selflessly on the basis of loyalty to the line of the martyrs and will surely culminate their honorable stand with victory.

10 Turkish occupation soldiers were killed in the actions in salute of the August 15 Campaign which were lead by our mobile units. A drone, one camera and a mobesse surveillance system were destroyed. The Turkish occupation army bombed the Resistance Areas 10 times with tactical nuclear bombs and chemical weapons, 13 times with warplanes, 11 times with attack helicopters and dozens of times with heavy weapons.”

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