10 PMF's elements killed, injured by ISIS attack

The Popular Mobilization Forces announced the death and injury of 10 of PMF during an attack by ISIS mercenaries on northern Diyala.

The Popular Mobilization Forces said in a statement that they "mourn the martyrdom of four hero fighters from the 23rd Brigade while they were responding to the treacherous ISIS attack north of Diyala."

During their statement, the forces added, "The martyrs rose during their participation in thwarting an attack by ISIS mercenaries in the village of al-Mitah in al-Azim district, in addition to wounding 6 other fighters in the 23rd Brigade with the Popular Mobilization."

The Nineveh Operations Command of the Popular Mobilization in Iraq had launched a security operation on May 6 to pursue ISIS mercenaries, west of the governorate, near the Syrian border.



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