10 parties prevented to participate in Youth conference by Başûr authorities

Başûr government in "South Kurdistan" has prevented a number Movements and Revolutionary Youth Parties in a number of Arab countries from participating in the Middle East of the Youth Conference in Kobani city in North Syria.


The Middle East Youth Initiative, which includes young Arabs, Turks, Kurds, and Syriac has held the Second Conference of the Middle East Youth in Kobani city in North Syria near the Turkish border.

The Conference began its activities by condemning the authorities of the province of Başûr "South Kurdistan", Which prevented 10 youth organizations from crossing into North Syria to participate in the conference.

Dozens of youth movements and parties took part in the Middle East, such as "the Youth of the Fraternity Party in Syria, the Youth of the Unity Party in Syria, the Youth of the Democratic Party in Syria, the Youth of the Change Party in Syria, the Youth of the Rojava Movement in Syria, the Youth of the Syria Democratic Council, Youth Union Democratic Party, The Youth of the Leftist Party in Syria, Armenian Youth, Turkmen Youth, Youth of the Will of the People Party ,Youth of the Revolutionary Party of Turkey, Youth of the Syria Future Party, Youth of the Party of Modernity in Syria, Marxist-Leninist Leftist party, Youth of the Egyptian Revolutionary Movement

In this context, the Kurdistan Region authorities prevented more than 10 political movements and parties from a number of Arab countries and Iran from crossing and participating in the conference, such as the Sudanese Communist Party Youth, the Youth of the Democratic Party in Yemen, The Youth of the Tunisian Communist Party, the Youth of Iraqi National Party ,Youth in South Kurdistan, Youth of Kurdistan Regional Movement ,The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) in Iran, the Chaotic Youth Movement in Georgia, , Youth of the Communist Party of Iran, Youth Associations in Iraq

The events of the conference are still continuing at this moment. It is scheduled to last for three days, and on the fourth day, participants in the conference will travel to historical places that have witnessed resistance in the context of the Rojava revolution.



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