1 woman of Daesh killed by her peers at al-Hol camp

Al-Hol camp administration found the body of a woman of Indonesian nationality who was killed in her tent by women of Daesh inside the camp.

After the management of al-Hol camp received information that a woman's body was found in a tent inside the camp, the management, in cooperation with the Internal Security Forces, quickly found the body of an Indonesian woman named "Sodermini" and was hospitalized to Kurdish Red Crescent Hospital .

After a medical examination by the forensic doctor, according to the Red Crescent report, she was pregnant in the sixth month and was beaten and tortured, that there were bruises on her body, and that she had died as a result of the violence.

The victim is one of the women of mercenaries, called "Sodermini, the name of her father Sardi, and the name of her mother Nasia" in the third decade of age and the mother of 3 children. While the motives behind her death by women in the camp are still unknown.

Al-Hol camp, which houses thousands of mercenary families, witnessed many cases of violence between these families of Daesh, which observers see as a time bomb in the region if not controlled.



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