1 of 2 Corona cases in al-Jazeera recovers

The Crisis Cell in al-Jazeera Region explained that one of the two cases infected with Corona virus is recovering, and said that the curfew on al-Omran neighborhood in al-Hasakah city has been lifted from today.

The Crisis Cell in al-Jazeera region made a statement to the public opinion in front of the Health Body headquarter in Qamishlo city in the presence of the co-Chair of the Executive Council of the Democratic Autonomous Administration Talaat Younes, the co-Chair of the Interior Ministry Kanaan Barakat, and the joint presidency of the Health Body.

Talaat Younes said: "The Crisis Cell in al-Jazeera region held a meeting on 12-05-2020 to discuss the curfew measures and confront the Corona pandemic spread in countries throughout the world, including our regions in north and east Syria."

Younes noted that they and the Crisis Cell in al-Jazeera region and through all the measures and preventive measures that we took to confront the Corona virus were able to limit the spread of the Corona virus in the region so far thanks to the awareness and cooperation of the people of the region to abide by the cell’s decisions and implement the curfew measures.

Younes explained: "We always stress the full readiness of our institutions to confront and protect our people from this global epidemic."

Talaat Younis said: "After fourteen days have passed since the isolation and quarantine have been applied, which is the incubation period of the virus, we announce today that the infected person has recovered after confirmations before the Health Body that the tests switched from positive to negative."

Talaat Younes revealed that, based on these developments, they decided the following:

Lifting the curfew imposed on al-Omran neighborhood in the city of al-Hasakah as of today.

The curfew is extended until the end of Eid al-Fitr.

All the curfew decisions issued by the Executive Council for North and East Syria, number /42/ dated 11/05/2020 are applied in the city of al-Hasakah, and they are treated like other cities.

We also assure our people the need to adhere to preventive measures and to apply the principle of social separation in all places.

We affirm that the easing of these measures does not mean the end of our war against this global epidemic.

The Crisis Cell in northern and eastern Syria revealed on April 29 that two cases were recorded in al-Omran neighborhood of al-Hasakah city, and they are a couple. The husband received health care at his home, while his wife received health care in the National Hospital in Qamishlo.


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