1 dead, wounded by the Israeli army in Gaza

A Palestinian young man died and two others were wounded by the Israeli army on the Gaza border.

ANHA correspondent from Gaza said that the Israeli army killed this morning, a young man - 20 years - after being shot in the head, while, 2 others wounded at noon during their presence on the border and their willingness to participate in march called by the Palestinian factions, on the March of Return and breaking the siege.

ANHA correspondent added that despite the understandings that took place during the last two days between Gaza and Israel, the Israeli army seems prepared to use its maximum force to stop the marches in Gaza, as evidenced by the killing of the young man and the wounding of others.

Our correspondent pointed out that the Egyptian security delegation - the patron of the understandings between Gaza and Israel - arrived at the points of gathering the Palestinians border, along with the head of the political bureau of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh, to inspect the place and behavior of demonstrators and the Israeli army.

At this point, thousands of Palestinians began arriving at the Gaza Strip border after the organizers set the starting date afternoon prayers.

He went on to say that the comprehensive strike, which took place in all areas of the Gaza Strip, was to participate in marches.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad warned of any Israeli attack on civilians in the marches and that it would meet a proportional and immediate response.




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