​​​​​​​ꞌ The eighth of March is day of resistance ꞌ

Kongra Star's members, women and components of northeast Syria congratulated the arrival of International Women's Day and noted that the resistance continues in the color of women, and the eighth of March is the day of the launch of the resistance against injustice.

This came in conjunction with the advent of International Women's Day, which falls on the 8th of March of every year.


Citizen Amal Ismail from the Arab component said: "We consider March 8 as a feast for us, as it is the day that gave women the right, after making great sacrifices, and after realizing the thought and philosophy of the leader Abdullah Ocalan.

At the end of her speech, she said: We, as women of al-Shahba, will work on the thought of leader Abo, so that we can write a great history for us, and I appeal to all women to demand their rights and freedom.

Citizen Ahmed Salama of the Arab component blessed the occasion for all the women and said: "In the past, there was no consideration for this occasion in al-Shahba canton, and we did not mix with other components such as the Kurds and Turkmen, but after the leader's thought we became brothers who cling to each other."


In the same context, the citizen Hajera Sheikho considered that the eighth of March is the day of the start of the resistance against injustice, and pointed out that the thought and philosophy of leader Abdullah Ocalan made women a role model, such as Ariane Mercan, Avista and other activists who have become an example for women in the whole world.

In her turn, the citizen, Samira Hallaj, blessed the occasion and thanked the Women Protection Units YPJ fighters who sacrificed and pledged to follow the path of the fighters.

Adla Bakr also blessed the eighth of March, and confirmed that women extracted from the ideology and philosophy of leader Ocalan, the thought of freedom, so women must develop themselves.


From al-Hasakah, a member of Kongra Star 's coordination Sherine Oso" International Women's Day blessed and said: "Every year we prepare a program for the 8th of March to celebrate this occasion."

"We know very well that thanks to the philosophy of leader Abdullah Ocalan, women have deepened their history for years, and the resistance has been going on in Rojava and resistance has emerged with the color of women. Resistance in Rojava is the resistance of women. We congratulate on the 8th of March on the leader first." And to all the people of the world. "

For her part, a member of the Social Committee in Kongra Star, Nidaa al-Saleh, "Our slogan on the 8th of March," Our struggle is freedom and our resistance is victory. "This day is the day of women's resistance and not festive, it is the blood of martyrs who sacrificed their lives to chart the path of women's freedom and struggle."

"Our goal of the activities is to escalate the struggle of women for equality between women and men. Our demand is not to impose authority or remove power from the hands of men, and put them in the hands of women, but rather our demand for equality, we ask all women of the world to know their rights and duties."



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