′ Leader isolation aims to continue wars and conflicts in the Middle East ′

​​​​​​​The writer and poet Joan Ibrahim said that the isolation imposed on the leader Abdullah Ocalan aims to prevent the leader’s ideas from being communicated to society, for the wars and conflicts to continue in the Middle East, and for the capitalist countries to fulfill their ambitions in the region.

The Turkish authorities continue to impose strict isolation on the leader Abdullah Ocalan, while social and cultural circles believe that Ocalan's theses would contribute to solving outstanding issues in the region, demanding to be liberated from Imrali prison.

The writer and poet Joan Ibrahim saw that the Turkish authorities are seeking, by preventing Ocalan's lawyer and his family from meeting him, to prevent the arrival of the ideas and directions of leader Abdullah Ocalan abroad, "The only solution today is available to the leader who has a democratic project that serves society, and through which all peoples of the region can practice their culture away from tyrants," he added.

"The Turkish occupation has violated all laws towards political prisoners, in particular the Kurdish leader, Abdul Ocalan, with the aim of breaking the link between the people and the leader. Every visit to the leader has had messages and directives regarding the situation the region is going through, which relates to ways to solve the region's issues," he added. And achieving peace and stability, which was inconsistent with the policies of the Turkish state and international powers, so we see from time to time how the isolation of the leader is tightened in order to continue the war and conflicts in the Middle East.

Ibrahim pointed out that solutions to conflicts in the Middle East, as well as the Kurdish issue, mean that the capitalist forces will not be able to control the peoples of the region, "because all forces today direct their forces to the region due to their cultural and civilizational as well as economic wealth, so they work in various ways to control the region instead of finding solutions to it, stressing that Ocalan's freedom is the only and key way to resolve these crises.

Ibrahim noted that the isolation imposed on leader Abdullah Ocalan "is contrary to human rights, and despite this there is an international silence towards the practices of the Turkish occupation of detainees in its prisons."

He also added, "The philosophy of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan is the key to resolving outstanding issues in society, so that it has become the legacy of all oppressed peoples and peoples eager for freedom, and the revolution in northern and eastern Syria is a good example of this, that revolution that started based on the ideas and philosophy of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and great gains were achieved at all levels. "Ibrahim said that the revolution in northern and eastern Syria had opened the way for many Democrats to get acquainted with the philosophy of leader Abdullah Ocalan and engage in the revolution.

In the end, the writer and poet Joan Ibrahim called for an escalation of the struggle "for the freedom of leader Abdullah Ocalan and for breaking the isolation."



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