Hawar News Agency Center 13-5-2020

Follow-up to the events in the northeast of Syria.

  • Follow-up events and activities in northeast of Syria.
  • The Council of Tirbespiyê District linked to Qamishlo canton demands in a statement the unity of the Kurdish rank and the end of the crisis in Zîne Wartê in Başûr of Kurdistan, at 11:00. In front of Kongra Star Centre (attached with photos and video).
  • Avin Pasho explained that the ways to solve the crises and differences of the Middle East lies in the hypothesis of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, and said that "the political perspective put forward by the leader to solve the problems of the Middle East is one of the reasons for imposing severe isolation on him and trying to eliminate his idea and philosophy" (attached with pictures and video).
  • People in Tal Rifaat  Al-Shahba district appealed to human rights organizations to intervene urgently to stop Turkish attacks on shrines in northern Kurdistan (attached with photo and video).
  • Rights activists say the Turkish occupation's recruitment of Syrian children and sending them into combat in conflict zones such as Libya and Yemen is a punishable war crime (attached with photos and video).
  • File
  • Kurdish language has passed  several stages since ancient times that  had a great impact on it, though a  purely Kurdish alphabet came late, this oral transmitted language has maintained its originality.


  • Riad Dirar said that the Russian media is trying to expose the corruption of the Syrian agencies to obtain concessions in favor of Russia. He explained that the Syrian file under  Russia control, which is one of the outcomes of the meeting Kerry and Lavrov, stressing that the Kurdish unity will serve the Kurdish and Syrian causes as a whole (attached with photos and video).


  • The Libyan specialist Ahmed Ibrahim Amer said that the military scene in Libya has changed, contrary to what Erdogan expected with a major advance of the Libyan National Army. He  confirmed that 12 Turkish officers and hundreds of mercenaries were killed in Operation Ababil. ( attached with photos )

Culture and Art

  • Seeking to harness its talent in the painting for the cause and resistance, she began implementing an expanded project that includes drawing pictures of martyrs of the resistance of the era and giving them to their families. (Attached with photos and video).

Society and life

  • The decline in the Euphrates river in Syria threatens the crops and livelihoods of millions of Syrians, after the Turkish occupation state deliberately reduced it in a repeated scenario of 2017 summer. Thus Turkey is opening another war against the people in northern and eastern Syria.
  • Farmers in Al Jazeera region are preparing to take measures to protect their agricultural crops from fires in the new season through their guarding and other measures, demanding an increase in the number of fire engines and water tanks to  
  • The People's Municipality of Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafieh neighborhoods in Aleppo city worked during the month of April and May to implement several service projects taking advantage of the curfew imposed by the Corona virus to speed up the completion of these projects (attached with photos and video).