' Future Syria Party was founded to be a lifeboat'

Under the banner of "Decentralized Democratic Pluralism", Future Syria Party held a party marking the party's first anniversary, in the Hall of Qelet al-Selam Hall in Hasaka city.

The celebration was attended by a delegation from the Democratic Autonomous Administration, the House of Elders of North and East Syria, political parties, members of civil society organizations and the Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF).

The celebration began with holding a minute of silence, followed by the speech of the head of the Future Syria Party, Ibrahim al-Qaftan, in which he congratulated the anniversary of the founding of the Future Syria Party adding, "As a result of what the Syrians saw as crises and fighting, the infrastructure was completely destroyed after 8 years of internal war. Thousands of Syrians displaced as a result of the internal crisis that Syria was experiencing in general. "

"In order to meet the demands of the people and their aspirations for the crisis in Syria, Future Syria Party was founded as a lifeboat," he said.

Qaftan stressed that the party wants the people of Syria to return to their history "to build a presence and establish a decentralized Syria where all components live equally."

"The sons of Syria are not the opposition that is now in the hands of Turkey, but the people of Syria are the ones who defended their land and sacrificed in order to liberate it from terrorism and any foreign interference," al-Qaftan added.

After the speeches, the congratulatory cables sent by the General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces, the Kurdish and Arab Clans Council, civil society institutions and political parties were read.




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