Eid new chapter for disputants

Community figures in NE Syria consider Eid al-Fitr a new chapter that the disputants can open by reconciling disputes.

Eid new chapter for disputants
11 April 2024   11:42

The people of Manbij Canton, like all the people of North and East Syria, inherited the tradition of visits during the holidays, and they find it an opportunity and a new page to resolve differences and enhance cohesion and solidarity among them.

Here is their importance, and on the sidelines of the visits of notables and tribal sheikhs of Manbij Canton to the people, one of the sheikhs of Bani Saeed, Fahd Shalash, stated, “Visits are among the well-known traditions among all the components of Manbij and have been inherited since ancient times because of their great impact in preserving the bonds of love and tolerance.”

In turn, one of the notables of Bani Asid, Muhammad Sadiq Al-Asidi, agreed with Sheikh Fahd Shalash, and pointed out that the sheikhs form delegations to visit the elderly and the sick who were not able to attend Eid prayers to exchange congratulations, and they also work to help everyone and remove the cloud of differences between the opponents by bringing them together.

In conclusion, he wished that peace and love would spread throughout all Syrian regions, and said: “Let us make Eid the beginning of resolving all crises and the return of immigrants to their families and homelands.”