Democratic Autonomous Administration meets Italian Parliament

A delegation from the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria and the Women's Protection Units (YPJ) met with the Foreign Relations Committee of the Italian Parliament.

Democratic Autonomous Administration meets Italian Parliament
7 March 2024   10:21

A delegation from the DAA met delegation from the Italian Parliament’s Foreign Relations Committee, headed by Ms. Lea Quartabelli, Vice-Chairman of the Committee, and with the participation of eight members of the Committee who represented various Italian parties, in the Parliament building in the capital, Rome.

At the beginning of the meeting, the AANES delegation provided an overview of the administration’s experience, and pointed out that it was formed by agreement between all components of the region, regardless of their various religious, sectarian, and ethnic affiliations.

The delegation touched on the ways and possibilities of resolving the Syrian crisis, saying: “Autonomous administration can be a model for a comprehensive solution for all of Syria, and it is definitely not a divisive project as some of those lurking in it try to promote such ideas that are far from the truth and reality. We have always been in favor of peaceful solutions to the Syrian crisis, and we have clear visions and perceptions in this regard that we express openly and transparently, and we believe that the solution must be with the participation of all Syrian components, guaranteeing their legitimate rights and requirements, while also emphasizing the necessity of taking into account UN Resolution 2254.”

The delegation also pointed to the economic and humanitarian challenges facing the region, and noted: “The long years of crisis and siege imposed on our regions have plunged them into very difficult economic and humanitarian conditions, and despite these conditions worsening day after day, the international community is still unable to deliver humanitarian aid to our regions, because all the aid provided enters the regime’s areas, and is therefore prevented from reaching the Autonomous Administration areas.”

The Autonomous Administration delegation also spoke about the issue of terrorism, and said: “Although the terrorist organization ISIS has been eliminated militarily, it is still active through its sleeper cells, which launch attacks from time to time, benefiting from the security vacuum created by the Syrian Democratic Forces’ preoccupation with confronting the attacks of the Turkish army and its mercenaries on the region, the continuation of which would help  ISIS to revive."

The delegation of the Democratic Autonomous Administration also stressed the need for the international community to provide assistance to resolve the issue of ISIS detainees and their families, and said: “There are tens of thousands of ISIS detainees and their families in detention centers and camps in NE Syria, and they constitute a time bomb that is difficult to predict when it will explode, so to prevent a major catastrophe, countries must hasten to repatriate their citizens and respond to the Autonomous Administration’s calls to form a special court of an international nature to try those involved in war crimes and crimes against humanity.”

The delegation mentioned: "The violations committed by the Turkish state are considered war crimes and crimes against humanity under international laws, and accordingly the international community is not supposed to remain silent regarding the attacks against NE Syria region and its people  and that the relevant international bodies and institutions should take action to prevent those responsible from escaping punishment."

For its part, the Italian delegation said: “We are closely following the situation and developments in NE Syria and the entire region, and indeed there are major challenges that the regions are going through, and we firmly emphasize the necessity of curbing all attempts to fuel the conflict in the region, including the repeated Turkish targeting and violations in the Autonomous Administration areas; Because the consequences of expanding the circle of conflict will be dire for everyone.”

The delegation added: “We are also certain that extremist terrorist organizations, led by ISIS, are the biggest beneficiaries of attempts to strike security and stability in the region of NE Syria, and therefore the international community is required to assume its responsibilities in supporting the Autonomous Administration to prevent the reappearance of these organizations again, and to maintain security and stability in its regions.”

The Italian delegation confirmed that they will discuss with their government the content of the topics discussed in their meeting with the Autonomous Administration delegation, including the possibility of sending a body to the NE Syria region; To investigate the humanitarian situation and discuss ways and mechanisms to deliver aid to it.