The activity was held at the Mihemed Sheikho Art and Culture Center in the city of Qamishlo attended by tens of people a..

With the aim to give protection to all archaeological sites in North Eastern Syria and ways of coordination between the ..

The book was published in the Egyptian capital, Cairo on Wednesday by Nefertiti Publishing House, and it is located in 2..

Today morning, Kurdish poet Daham Hesen passed away at 75 at the city of Qamishlo due to a stroke.  Hesen was b..

In conjunction with the third anniversary of the start of the Turkish occupation army’s attacks on Afrin canton, y..

The Turkish occupation and its mercenaries continue its violations in the occupied territories, not only against the peo..

No one doubts that the areas of north and east Syria administered by the Autonomous Administration are going through a f..

Under the auspices of the British Jani Khalaf Charity Foundation, the Rojava Kurdistan Intellectuals Union (HRRK) is pre..

About a year ago, the Religious Affairs Foundation began rebuilding the Church of the Martyrs (the Armenian Catholic Chu..

A delegation by some cultural unions in Rojava, had arrived yesterday at Southern Kurdistan, in a visit lasts for some d..

In concurrence with the 236th anniversary of the foundation of the city of Sulaimaniye, yesterday morning the ..

The library was considered one of the oldest libraries despite losing many of its contents after being repeatedly burned..

Sheran district is one of the oldest continuously inhabited ancient archaeological sites, where historical documents ind..

The Lilon International Film Festival activities continue with the screening of films, ranging between long and short, a..

Al-Raqqa, Syria, is one of the most prominent cities in northern Syria, which contained monuments that represented the c..