Baghdad announces killing of 3 ISIS mercenaries in Kirkuk

Iraqi forces announced the killing of three ISIS mercenaries in Kirkuk.

Baghdad announces killing of 3 ISIS mercenaries in Kirkuk
14 November 2023   14:47

The spokesman for the Commander-in-Chief of the Iraqi Armed Forces, Yahya Rasool, said in a statement reported by the Iraqi News Agency, “According to the directives of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, and under the supervision of the head of the Counter-Terrorism Service, Lieutenant General Karim Al-Tamimi, the heroes of the Counter-Terrorism Service continue their qualitative operations to pursue the remnants of ISIS terrorist gangs.”

He explained, "A qualitative operation was carried out and was characterized by high professionalism in the Zaghitoun Valley within Kirkuk Governorate, resulting in the killing of 3 terrorists, including the so-called commander of the Riyadh sector and the last economist of this sector of the ISIS terrorist gangs."

He added, "This operation came with the support of army aviation, which eliminated the first terrorist. As for the second criminal, he was wearing an explosive belt. After surrounding him, he blew himself up after a clash with him. The third terrorist was surrounded in one of the abandoned houses, and he was carrying a group of grenades. He was also clashed with and killed.”

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