Arab experts appreciate KCK initiative to resolve the Palestinian issue

The initiative launched by the Kurdistan Communities Union KCK to resolve the Palestinian issue and end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was met with broad positive reactions.

Arab experts appreciate KCK initiative to resolve the Palestinian issue
18 Decemberember 2023   03:02

Arab experts appreciated the initiative as a road map for resolving the Palestinian dilemma according to democratic principles, away from war and violence.

The co-chairmanship of the Executive Council of the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) launched an initiative on the events and war taking place in Palestine and Israel.

KCK said that the solution to the Palestinian-Israeli problem lies in strengthening society, developing democracy, and developing the life of the democratic nation on the basis of free self-government, equality, democracy, and the will of the peoples.

The statement stressed that the problem of Palestine cannot be solved through violence, but rather through democracy and recognition of the rights of the Palestinian people. The violent approach will only exacerbate the problems.

Worth studying

Palestinian writer and researcher Jamil Adi believes that: “The initiative presented by KCK deserves careful study and complete review and can be applied on the ground after the end of the violence between the Palestinian and Israeli sides and the start of the political path.”

He told ANHA's agency: “We value the position of the Kurdish liberation movement and its solidarity with the justice and legitimacy of the Palestinian cause by establishing an independent, sovereign state; but talking about modern democracy is premature in light of the brutal Israeli aggression against the defenseless Palestinian Arab people and the collective punishment.”

He explained, "It is premature to talk about free self-government based on freedom, equality, democracy, and the will of the people, especially since the current situation is human genocide and collective punishment, the price of which is paid by the Palestinian Arab people and the Israeli people."

He pointed out that "what was carried out by the Hamas movement and its military wing, in coordination with the Islamic Jihad movement, of surprise and armed attack on Israeli entities, settlements and groups, or what is known as the Gaza enclave, was primarily caused by the occupation and the intransigence of the Israeli government, which is suffering from internal disputes," pointing out that "the use of force it is the master of the situation, and there is no talk of solutions or calm without a military decision and the imposition of conditions that interfere after parties intervene directly and clearly and support one party at the expense of another.”

According to the researcher, “the Palestinian issue cannot be solved using racist force and violence, but rather by recognizing the rights of the Palestinian Arab people and establishing an independent, sovereign state on its land that practices all forms of modern democracy based on justice and equality,” considering that “the extension of the historical conflict between Arab and Jewish nationalism and its accumulations “It has made the Middle East region a playground for settling scores and for foreign interests to control the capabilities of countries.”

The Palestinian expert believes that “overcoming the national problem and correcting the course begins with the top of the pyramid in Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, abandoning his dreams of establishing an expansionist Jewish state at the expense of the land of Palestine and the rest of the surrounding countries.” He accused Netanyahu, whose government is suffering from internal crises, of supporting and strengthening the Palestinian political division, which is “Responsible for the failure in all settlement paths, the deterioration of the situation, and the bloodshed everywhere between the Palestinian and Israeli Arab people.”

Adi stressed that "the only way to remove the conflict and end the state of tension is to remove all extremist parties to the conflict in Israel. The Israeli people must see the truth and recognize the existence of the Palestinian Arab people and their legitimate rights, and the Hamas movement and the Islamic Jihad movement must bear responsibility for making the decision to attack without coordination." Or a complete and deliberate preparation for it with all Palestinian parties, and for everyone to know that the will of the peoples, to liberate Palestine and end the Israeli occupation, are not individual actions, but rather there is a legitimate representative of the Palestinian people, which is the Palestine Liberation Organization.”

The Palestinian researcher also believes that “the mentality of the Jewish nation-state and the intransigence in resolving and ending the Israeli occupation of the historic land of Palestine before 1948 AD is the basis of the Israeli problem,” warning of “the possibility of the conflict expanding in the region after the United States intervenes with a position that is supportive, supportive, and supportive of everything it does.” Israel without taking into account international and international law.”

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