Arab Initiative for Leader Ocalan' Freedom demands his immediate release

The Arab Initiative for the Freedom of Leader Abdullah Ocalan called for his immediate release, as the 25th anniversary of the beginning of the international conspiracy hatched against him approaches.

Arab Initiative for Leader Ocalan' Freedom demands his immediate release
4 Decemberember 2023   07:13

The Arab Initiative for the Freedom of Leader Abdullah Ocalan issued a statement denouncing the international conspiracy against him, as the 25th anniversary of the conspiracy, whose first threads were woven on October 9, 1998, approaches.

That reads:

"The Arab Initiative for the Freedom of Leader Abdullah Ocalan, which is a voluntary effort in which a number of Arab intellectuals participate who believe in human rights and freedom as a human value that transcends the boundaries of race, religion, language and belief, denounces the inhumane conditions that the Kurdish thinker, leader Abdullah Ocalan suffers from in Turkish prison on Imrali Island for no reason other than that he demands the right of the Kurdish people to live a decent life, and to demand respect for their cultural privacy.

The initiative points out that the historical context of the case of Mr. Abdullah Ocalan reveals beyond doubt that there is a conspiracy that goes beyond the vital sphere of the Turkish state against Mr. Abdullah Ocalan and his liberal ideas. It did not begin when he was kidnapped on February 15, 1999, but rather the threads of this conspiracy began on October 9, 1998, which reveals the involvement of a number of regional and international systems in supporting the Turkish authorities, against the backdrop of their fears of the intellectual model proposed by leader Abdullah Ocalan in order to solve the issues that the countries of the region suffer from, the forefront of which is the issue of "freedom".

The initiative confirms that the leader and thinker Abdullah Ocalan has always called for the necessity of a peaceful solution to the Kurdish issue. However, there were some forces that saw all the Kurds’ gains as a threat to them. Accordingly, some regional powers went to support military methods and the use of violence to resolve the Kurdish issue.

As a result, Mr. Abdullah Ocalan left Syria on October 9, out of a sense of responsibility towards Syria, to which Mr. Ocalan was committed to feelings of loyalty and in order to ease the stranglehold that had been imposed on it. He then headed to Europe in the hope of creating conditions conducive to a peaceful and democratic solution to the Kurdish issue, as he then had the conviction that “European civilization” could provide a better basis for the contemporary solution of political and social issues.

Accordingly, he always extended the calls in his meetings in Athens, Moscow, and Rome, with representatives and delegations of those countries, expressing his willingness to resolve the issue, and also the Kurdistan Workers’ Party even announced at that time a ceasefire and willingness to make peace efforts, but the European countries and the United States did not respond. On the contrary, they included the Kurdistan Workers' Party on the "terrorist" list.

Which means that all efforts have failed, and this shows the extent of the bad intentions of the powers involved in the plot to kidnap Mr. Abdullah Ocalan, especially with the refusal of the European countries in which he sought refuge to grant him asylum. This also confirms the determination of the Western powers to leave the Kurdish issue unresolved, and this has even contributed to keep the Kurds in Turkey and other countries “weak".

In this regard, the initiative believes that Mr. Ocalan has prevented the outbreak of any Kurdish uprising that would ignite the fires of strife between the Kurdish and Turkish peoples and open the horizons for a long-term war between the Kurds and the Turks. Despite all of this, they kiddnaped Mr. Ocalan and handed over to Turkey on the 15th. February, and he was detained in a prison on Imrali Island.

Then a new phase began in which Mr. Ocalan was deprived of all his rights guaranteed by international conventions and norms, but he never gave up his peaceful approach even while he was in Imrali prison.

In light of all of the above, the Arab Initiative for the Freedom of Leader Abdullah Ocalan believes that he defeated by his determination and insistence not to give up on peace and by his insistence on the democratic solution, and even thwarted by his steadfastness the regime of isolation imposed on him in Imrali, to confirm to the world that no matter how tyrannical the jailer is, he has the right even if he is behind bars. Therefore, the Arab Initiative for the Leader Ocalan Freedom, while addressing the global conscience, demands the following:

• The necessity of the immediate release of Leader Ocalan, either for the justice of his case, which only aimed to restore respect for the freedom of the Kurdish people and other oppressed peoples of the world in the face of exploitation by authoritarian nationalist regimes.

• Taking into account the age and health conditions of Leader Ocalan, who has been behind bars for a quarter of a century, but is deprived of all his rights guaranteed by the relevant international conventions and norms.