Cultural event in Italy calls for Leader's physical freedom

A cultural event is being organized today in the Italian city of Milan under the slogan “Time of Hope" to demand the physical freedom of leader Abdullah Ocalan and to protect the rights of the Kurdish people.

Cultural event in Italy calls for Leader's physical freedom
13 September 2023   08:29

A cultural and political event is being organized in the Italian city of Milan, today, under the slogan “Time of Hope” to demand the physical freedom of leader Abdullah Ocalan and political prisoners, and to protect the freedom and right of the Kurdish people to self-determination, by the Kurdistan Information Office in Italy and Rita Kurdistan Italy with supported of Italian Communist Reconstruction Party.

The organizers called for participation in the event through a statement, in which they announced that Leader Abdullah Ocalan, with his theses about democracy and democratic confederation for the Kurdish problem and the Middle East has become a hope for the peoples of the world, especially for the people of the region.

The statement also stated that the Turkish occupation is launching brutal attacks with the aim of eliminating the gains of the Kurdish people.

We must protect the Rojava revolution

The statement also stated: “Erdogan’s authoritarian regime threatens Rojava with a large-scale occupation, and it is known that Rojava fought against ISIS and defeated it.” The institutions stated that the Rojava revolution was founded on the democratic model based on the ideas of leader Abdullah Ocalan, so Rojava revolution must be protected by the peoples of the world.”

The cultural event begins at 18.00 Italian time, and will be joined by the famous cartoonist Zerocalcare, the Kurdish politician Hazal Koyungur, the editor-in-chief of the Pûnto Rûsso publishing house Roberto Mapelli, and the journalist Giacomo Cini, and the ideas and books of the leader Abdullah Ocalan will be discussed.

At 20:00, the big concert will begin with the participation of the artists “Alessio Lecca, Marco Revelli, Pervin Demir, Renate Franchi, Asti Abdo, Rab Caverna Bossé, Young Paninaro, Elie Cuttino and Asalti Frontale” and with the slogan “Freedom for Leader Abdullah Ocalan.”