Panorama of the week: Anti-Turkification movements in Syria; no Arab hopes for Erdogan's rapprochement

Reports attributed the deterioration of the Syrian economy to the confusion of the institutions of the Damascus government, led by the Central Bank, at a time when signs of an anti-Turkification movement were observed in the occupied Syrian regions, while other reports ruled out positive results from Erdogan's visit to Iraq and his rapprochement with Egypt, amid warnings of Erdogan's return. to his previous policies.

Panorama of the week: Anti-Turkification movements in Syria; no Arab hopes for Erdogan's rapprochement
30 July 2023   01:41

During the past week, the Arab newspapers touched on the situation in the areas of the Damascus government and the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation, in addition to Erdogan's movements in the Arab countries.

Syria... an economic deterioration and signs of an anti-Turkish movement in the occupied territories

Arab newspapers and media focused during the past week on the deteriorating economic situation in the Syrian regions. In this context, the Syrian economist, Mahmoud al-Rajab, did not rule out, in an interview with "Al-Souri" newspaper, the continued decline in the exchange rate of the Syrian pound against the major currencies, bringing the exchange rate of the dollar to 12 thousand Syrian pounds, because the factors for the depreciation of Syrian pound became favorable after "the erosion of dealers' confidence and blundering decisions of central bank.

On the other hand, the Syrian newspaper Al-Watan referred to the signs of anti-Turkish movements in the occupied Syrian regions, and the Turkification policies that are taking place there.

Erdogan's moves.. There are no hopes for changes in Turkish politics

The newspapers also followed the movements of the head of the Turkish occupation state, as Al-Arab newspaper saw that some might believe that Turkey’s continued expulsion of elements belonging to the Brotherhood and their deportation from its lands is satisfactory to Egypt, claiming that this is the most important card that disturbed the relations between the two countries in the past years, because their exit will not end their annoyance The coming period, in the sense that putting the Brotherhood on the shelf temporarily will not end their phenomenon, and Turkey may work to use them in another stage.

In a related context, Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper saw that while Erdogan can discuss many files in Baghdad with the Iraqi leaders, the water file will remain the most prominent, followed by the PKK issue.

The newspaper indicated that while there seems to be a bet on the possibility of resolving the water file between Iraq and Turkey during Erdogan's upcoming visit to Baghdad, according to many Iraqi circles, this optimism about what Erdogan can offer in terms of solutions to this crisis is not based on clear grounds.

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