​​​​​​​Firas Qassas: AANES's initiative is very useful, other parties hinder dialogue and solution

Qassas confirmed that the initiative to end the Syrian crisis is very important in a theoretical and intellectual sense, indicating that the Autonomous Administration has done everything to solve the crisis, expressing his pessimism about the position of other parties, saying Will authoritarians, extremists and puppets suddenly turn into advocates of dialogue and freedom?

​​​​​​​Firas Qassas: AANES's initiative is very useful, other parties hinder dialogue and solution
19 May 2023   23:21

On Tuesday April 18, the Autonomous Administration of NE Syria launched an initiative to solve the Syrian crisis, in order to reach a peaceful and democratic solution that would end the suffering of the Syrian people.

The initiative was welcomed by many Syrian and Arab forces, parties, and personalities, with the exception of some puppets of the Turkish occupation who attacked the initiative and tried to attach accusations and allegations about it.

During an interview with ANHA agency, the head of the Modernity and Democracy Party for Syria, Firas Qassas said: "There is no doubt that the intra-Syrian dialogue is the most important possible form of dialogue on the Syrian issue, why? Simply because when it happens, its dynamics, and conclusions will be Syrian and effective in terms of patterns." Societal and political interaction in the country, it is a dialogue that organically belongs to Syria and all its related aspects, problems and solutions, and belongs as a destination and outcome to Syria as well because it is a Syrian outcome and will lay the groundwork for overcoming the impasse that its people are living through in the best implementable ways.

He added, "But unfortunately, this dialogue is hindered by active and main forces in the Syrian event, as for its structure that rejects every possibility related to dialogue, such as the case of the regime that does not accept dealing with Syria except through the logic of possession, arbitrariness, oppression and exclusion, or the case of the extremist and puppet forces of the Turkish regime, and these do not exceed its dependence and bias.

Regarding the initiative, Qassas said: "It is certainly an important initiative in the theoretical and intellectual sense, because it comprehensively refutes everything the forces which refuse the participatory democratic experience that is taking place in the regions of NE Syria. Everyone who talks about separatist projects, exclusionary or transnational agendas, this initiative will deal him a severe blow.


He explained that "there is no doubt that the Democratic Autonomous Administration initiative with its nine points was a very important political step that shows the vast dimension of the bets of the administration's experience compared to the regime and the puppet and extremist forces, but it cannot be practically embodied without the involvement of other Syrian parties in it.

 Qassas explained, "I say, with regret, that there is little possibility to work according to effective steps that benefit in creating a path for the initiative to turn into reality, perhaps I must say that this initiative will remain purity with patriotic values tail, we raise in the face of all those who question the administration's experience with its components and pioneers, in my estimation, based on what I spoke above, suffices it and honors all actors related to the experience of  Autonomous Administration.

As for the steps of the Autonomous Administration, Qassas affirmed, "In my estimation, the administration has done and is still doing all that is required of it regarding the future of Syria and the freedom of its people and all its components, by launching the new social and political logic on which the issue of power and society in the country and what it has done in confronting ISIS terrorism.

As for the other Syrian parties, "It is known what is required of them to the extent of self-evident, just to respond. I mean to engage in a comprehensive dialogue process on the basis of the initiative, but they won't accept that and relying on them is useless."

Qassas concluded his speech by asking several questions, saying: "Can the regime give up its tyranny and turn the country and power into its own property? Whoever disputes it through democracy is nothing but a criminal who must be erased from existence, and will al-Nusra terrorists and extremist Islamic forces turn into peace doves and preachers. Will the agents of the Turkish regime suddenly abandon their workers and heritage like this and engage in a national dialogue that accepts pluralism, decentralization, and the values of coexistence and recognition of the other? I think that is almost impossible, with regret and frustration I say it.