Politician: Turkey exploits earthquake to make demographic change in occupied areas

Politician Bakr Hajj Issa confirmed that the earthquake that struck the region provided the Turkish occupation state with a new opportunity to complete its settlement plan, warning the people of the affected areas of the schemes planned against them.

Politician: Turkey exploits earthquake to make demographic change in occupied areas
26 February 2023   02:33

The Turkish occupation state continues to take advantage of any opportunity to change the demography of the areas it occupied, and this time it takes advantage of the catastrophe of the earthquake that occurred on February 6, and in its turn the countries that support the plans of the occupying state continue to provide support for it in building settlements to eliminate the original presence of the population in the region.

In this regard, the co-chair of the Political Relations Office of the Democratic Union Party in the Euphrates region, Bakr Haj Issa, said: "The earthquake that struck the region made clear to us many vague points that needed explanation. Members of the so-called "Barzani Charitable Organization" took memorial photos with the mercenaries. In the occupied city of Afrin, it is not strange, since from day one they support Turkey's occupation of the city of Afrin, and Qatar's willingness to build new settlements there reveals its true face in its support for terrorism.

He added, "Today, a new opportunity has been presented to the Turkish occupation state to complete its settlement plan."

Haj Issa pointed out, "Today, the occupied city of Afrin is exposed to demographic change, and the international forces remain silent. What makes matters worse is their support for mercenaries, through the assistance they provide in the name of humanity. In fact, this aid does not reach the defenseless citizens affected by the earthquake, but rather is located in The hand of mercenaries who use it for their own interests.”

Stressing, "The earthquake was a real opportunity for tyrannical countries to implement their plans, but what is unfortunate is the contribution of those who claim to be Kurds and give legitimacy to these plans, and they must stop this support and return to their roots, otherwise the history that is written today in the blood of the people of the region will curse them in their fight against terrorism."

At the end of his speech, Bakr Haj Issa warned the people of the affected area of the plans that are being planned against them under Turkish leadership and to stand up to them, otherwise they will not find a home for them after years, if the Turkish occupation state continues with this scheme.

T/ Satt.