Duran Kalkan: Leader Ocalan's model lighted the way for humanity

Duran Kalkan explained that the model developed by leader Ocalan enlarged the way for humanity to see and understand real things, stressing that capitalist modernity in a state of weakness and world powers lost their ideological approach, and do not even have a strategic approach, as politics is managed on the basis of everyday concerns, thus providing an opportunity to develop the idea of freedom and democracy.

Duran Kalkan: Leader Ocalan's model lighted the way for humanity
24 September 2022   14:34

PKK Executive Committee member Duran Kalkan, on the PKK's official website, assessed the state of capitalism, the status of World War III, and the possibility of a democratic revolution.

Kalkan's assessments were as follows:

"There is a reality of war that began with the First World War, and the most valid stage of capitalist imperialism in general is an all-out war. The Middle East is at the centre of this war. Capitalism wants to swallow the Middle East. The Middle East continues to resist and this war is taking place because of the resistance. The war between capitalist Powers, rulers and nations continues, but it is worth noting that it is taking place as a war of control over the Middle East.

This is how World War I began, but it was abbreviated by the October Revolution, the outbreak of World War II preceded many revolutionary movements, at the stage of true socialism, called "Cold war", and socialist realism created the cold war, when socialist realism collapsed World War III was on the agenda, it was a war in the Middle East. war for control of the Middle East in historical and present terms, it is a war to destroy the socialization of the Middle East, in Kurdistan, the war of genocide continues. The World Order and Capitalism that emerged with the First World War Kurdistan Section, The Kurds were considered non-existent, imposed genocide, and the Kurds resisted and continue to resist it. the Arabian Island was divided into 22 parts, but they resist a little bit. So this war wants to destroy the socialization of the Kurds and Arabs.

The forces that continue the war don't have the solution.

Currently, it is impossible to get rid of this situation, the forces that continue the war have no solution. And so is the system of global capitalism because of its dominant structure, the status quo of the nation-state cannot create any solution. Even if they identify themselves as revolutionaries and the power of solution, they become a strict anti-Kurdish fascist dictatorship. Justice and Development Party (AKP) and Nationalist Movement Party are a good example. Otherwise, the system does not have the ability to solve, renew and change itself, it's hard for the forces of systems to contain a sufficient amount of understanding. and therefore there is no indication that the system of global capitalist modernity is capable of overcoming crisis and chaos, the war because of the crisis and chaos in the region continues widely, all that remains is the revolution and just as the October Revolution was able to end the war for a while. The only revolution now that can end this war is the Middle East's democratic revolution. to the global revolution, if the October revolution becomes a global revolution freedom from capitalism and imperialism, the October Revolution, cannot become a global revolution, it has not succeeded. Because it has not succeeded, humanity has suffered so much and reached the level of resurrection.

No capitalism without crisis, chaos and war

In this context, it is important to understand capitalism well, capitalism means crisis and chaos by the day, this thing is definitely getting deeper, Capitalism is self-destructive, community and individual, this is not an evolution, this means destroying things that lead to life in general, capitalism, labour and production are not commensurate with society's lives, according to exploitation, looting and division. Capitalism is a form of exploitation, the main thing here is overtime, Government and private monopoly have reached this level, so there is no capitalism without crisis, chaos, conflict and war.

A regime based on looting, corruption, war and conflict

If we check at this point and assess the situation, "Will capitalism renew itself, will it create a solution within itself? Will there be a solution from Europe or from America? Will Africa or Asia lead this? If the solution comes from Germany or France, these things will not be true, these are not real ideas, capitalism is a form of exploitation, this means that all work and life must be done on the basis of exploitation and exhaustion, the system of destruction of infrastructure, so it is a system based on looting, corruption, war and conflict.

The crisis in the past was regarded as "the first crisis phase, the second crisis phase, the third crisis phase" phase-based assessment, and emphasis was placed on the generality and continuity of phase-III in fact, capitalism is not one phase after another, it is a permanent system of crises and scourges, those assessments were not true thanks to revolutions, where crises have deepened and diminished. Revolutions in Europe in the nineteenth century, revolutions in France after 1830, The European Revolutions of 1848, Paris Commune of 1871, The October Revolution of the twentieth century, there are revolutionary movements based on the October Revolution. Indeed, there is a revolutionary front that has mitigated the crisis and the scourge of capitalism as temporary periods If there had been no revolution, there would have been no such satisfaction.

It's the stage of the democratic revolution.

If the revolutionaries come out and take the lead, if they are able to make a revolution, then humanity can be saved from these problems and conflicts, otherwise it will not be possible, the revolution is linked only to the Kurdistan revolution, leader Ocalan has developed a theory of revolution, and his ideological and political line, has developed its programme, strategy and tactics, defining it as the concept of a new revolution.

The change in paradigm developed by leader Ocalan has shone the way for humanity to see and understand real things in this regard, one should not wait for capitalism to ease and resolve its conflicts. In capitalism, there is no peace or war, which means there will always be conflict, war, crisis and chaos. ideas, ethics, politics, organizations and activities that can overcome and stop capitalism and that are already called socialism will be shaped, or capitalism will truly destroy the world.

The great philosophers and throughout history who have come up with the idea of freedom have paid attention to this thing and people should not view this as an illusion and fear, this attitude is linked in a deep sense and the definition and understanding of life, at all stages of history, all ideas advocating freedom have pointed to this thing and saw the end of this thing in socialism, they said "Either socialism or nothing", but socialism has not taken a step in time and has not succeeded. People working in the name of socialism must take a good look at the last 200 years of history, must free themselves from dogmatism, stereotypes and mistrust, show the strength and courage of criticism and self-criticism, and reveal the truth.

Conflicting Parties Can't Find a Solution

The conflicting parties cannot find a solution. The oppressed third party must be able to revolutionize and find a solution. How can we make a revolution that saves humanity and peoples from capitalism and fascism? Our problem lies here. We have to see this thing and approach it like this. The problem is not just Kurdish, it is not a question of Kurdistan freedom revolution, it is the problem of the Middle East revolution, the problem of the free human revolution, the fact of the Kurdistan revolution is that this revolution and the revolutions of the world and the Middle East have overlapped between them. This is how revolutions have mixed. They no longer have a national or international aspect. It is true that we live in a society, but this is not the age of international revolutions. The age of racism and the Republic has passed. "The Democratic Republic and the Age of the Democratic Revolution", the democratic revolution certainly flourishes in the field of societies, but it is not a regional revolution, it is revolutions not limited to States, we said it The leader called the democratic nation the "nation of wisdom", it is not a nation bound by race, dirt and language. It is global and regional.

The problem is not just the resolution of the Kurd issue. The Kurdish issue has become a humanitarian issue and has acquired a universal character. One has to come close and understand that, that's how we have to take up the revolution, in this regard, we must be free from this restriction, we have to understand what we really live through and make sense of, we can't redirect life and we can't save it if it doesn't make sense. One cannot live and be seen to not be able to live.

There is no common position for the world's revolutionaries

Leader Ocalan spoke about the global democratic movement, and proposed "The Confederacy of Global Democracy" as a solution, without these solutions it will not advance nor achieve results, Conflicts may develop, and there may be developments, but let's not forget that something is evolving today. It's a struggle, if you're struggling all the time, the main weakness is to escape the global revolution. The global revolution is not according to the needs of the struggle, an ideological, political and military conflict. It offers the ideological dimension and avoids the military political dimension, in some places s political ideological view, there is no common position in the global revolutionary.

"Concrete analysis of concrete realities" is important. In fact, this concept of Lenin is very important for sociology. We should not analyse the current situation on objectivity. Analysis of the current situation is also important. We should also be able to do so. What is the reality and what is the opposite? How to succeed? One must think carefully about it, and sociology also needs it.

The new theory must be understood

Now all this is being done by our leader, our revolutionary approach and our revolutionary perception must be based on this foundation, the new theory that has emerged on the basis of paradigm transformation, philosophy and political ideological line, strategy and tactics, and style and approach must be well understood on this basis, then it can be properly and fully understood.

We must understand leader Ocalan as such, and participate properly, if we do not properly understand leader Ocalan and we do not participate properly, we cannot do the right thing, then we will understand leader Ocalan more correctly, we will direct our activity towards the realization of Leader Ocalan's ideas.

On this basis, the reality of the leader, the reality of Kurdistan, the stage of the present capitalist modernism, the situation of the Third World War and the ways out of the war, here, a new approach, the theory of democratic modernity, its revolution, its characteristics and how to develop it in Kurdistan and other regions must be properly and adequately understood. "

T/ Satt.