Saleh Muslim: NATO's hostility to Kurds will make it not be able to fight terrorism

​​​​​​​Co-chair of Democratic Union Party, Saleh Muslim, stressed the need for self-reliance and not to rely on international forces.

Saleh Muslim: NATO's hostility to Kurds will make it not be able to fight terrorism
30 June 2022   05:46

Spanish capital, Madrid, host a NATO summit, which is scheduled to end today. The summit, which was supposed to discuss Russian-Ukrainian war, began with the adoption of anti-Kurdish decisions.

In its first comment on the decisions taken against the Kurds, PKK's Foreign Relations Committee said that the efforts to expand NATO came as a declaration of hostility against Kurdish people, in a written statement yesterday, Wednesday.

The statement added, "NATO bargaining over the gains, values, freedom and struggle of Kurdish people, for its expansion is like declaring NATO's hostility against Kurdish people."

And continued, "The agreement that happened on June 28 in Spanish capital, Madrid, between Turkish state the murderous fascist authority and the enemy of democracy on one hand, and the states of Sweden and Finland, which are considered representatives of democracy, only expresses their duplicity and their shameful condition.

The statement considered, "The agreement reached at NATO meeting is a support for the massacres and genocidal policies committed by Turkish state against Kurdish people for many years. Turkish state, which colonized Kurdistan after Lausanne Agreement, is imposing genocide and massacres on Kurds in their land."

The statement stressed that "there is no power in the world that can overcome Kurdish people. and can't prevent the collapse of Turkish state as a result of Kurdish people's struggle. Therefore, Turkish state is thinking of exterminating the Kurds through the support of international powers."

In a meeting with ANHA agency, co-chair of Democratic Union Party, Saleh Muslim, assessed the situation and developments in the region.

Muslim said about the bargains that Turkish occupation state is making to obtain support for its massacres against the Kurds, "The thing that Turkey wants is that everyone to stand by its side to fight the Kurds and exterminate them. NATO does not accept this issue, there is a new strategy for it today, its war against terrorism. This is a strategy for it, so if they want to fight terrorism in Middle East, they need the Kurds; they are serious in working to fight terrorism, and they have proven this on the ground. The Kurds fought terrorism and are not terrorists, and NATO knows that."

Muslim added, "But there could be some changes, such as Ukrainian issue, what is happening in Syria and Middle East and the changes that are taking place. And the great Middle East project that they have started since 2001 is being carried out by NATO, there is no hostility to Kurds in NATO's plans."

About the air embargo demanded by Kurdish, Arab and Syriac parties in north and east Syria, Muslim said, "The air embargo, although it is a military issue, but what appears to the eye is that part of the airspace is under the control of international coalition and the other part is under Russian control, if they do not allow, no one will be able to attack. But for the Kurdish issue, the issue is not only related to no-fly zone, this is not enough; The fact that our Kurdish cities are on the border with Turkey and are up to 30 km long, if the embargo is imposed, it will be good, but the other attacks with missiles and rockets must be stopped.

Muslim continued, "The air embargo is not enough, but if it is implemented, it will be a good step, and in my opinion, if forces from United Nations are placed as monitors on the borders, it will be better, like Lebanon, that time, these forces will see who is bombing whom, and see the truth closely."

Muslim stressed the need for self-reliance in the face of genocidal policies. "In the past, this was also proven, as if these lands have no people and there is no one to live in them, and there is no one to protect them, when we resisted for 58 days in Afrin, without anyone standing by our side, without anyone protecting us, at that time there was an international consensus on Turkey's occupation of Afrin.

Muslim highlighted the Turkish plans, "Turkey's plans and goal since 2019 until now, is the displacement of Kurds, Arabs and Syriacs from their cities, and wants to exterminate the peoples, either they flee or die, so we have to protect our land ourselves."

Muslim returned to 2019, specifically the period during which Turkey occupied Serê kaniyê and Tal Abyad, "What happened at that time, we were not prepared forit , and on the other hand, there was the intervention of international coalition to prevent a Turkish attack. They asked for withdrawal of weapons and fighters, but Turkey laughed at them, this time we will not make the same mistake again."

'We must be prepared to protect ourselves'

Muslim stressed, "Every minute, there is a possibility that Turkey will launch an attack, as a people and as protection forces we must be ready to protect ourselves. We held a conference under the slogan of People's Revolutionary War, the enemy is attacking us, and its goal is to end our existence with special war, fear, bombing and war, so we have to be ready and prepared.

Muslim stressed that the recent decisions taken against the Kurds will not target a particular Kurdish party, "Kurdish political forces that used to say that the goal is Democratic Union Party, the occupation of Afrin, Girê Spî and Serê kaniyê proves how true this is, none of them can return to those occupied areas after If it is fueled by mercenaries, everyone should learn from the lesson that the Kurds are all targets."

They have to understand well, that what is happening in Afrin, Serê kaniyê and Gire Spi is a demographic change, and they want to repeat the experience of Iskenderun when it was linked to Turkey in 1939. They are implementing the same scheme, they have put a governor and director, they use their currency and language, and they are looking forward not to get out of that regions, and this is a division of Syrian territory.

Everyone who says that he is Syrian, must defend the territorial integrity of Syria, and this requires us and Syrian regime to carry out the tasks that fall upon us."