​​​​​​​Batizmî Day ... a special ritual celebrated by Yazidis

There are many rituals and holidays that are celebrated by the Yazidi Kurds, and they practice them in traditions that not very many people know about. "Batizmî Day or  Batizmiya Pîrê Alî" is considered one of the holidays that is characterized by its distinctive rituals, and it lasts for 7 days.

Damascus government's decisions increase burden on citizens

Instead of making its decisions in the interest of the Syrian people and securing a decent life for them in light of the difficult circumstances that they are going through, the Syrian government issues from time to time decisions that increase burden on citizens and increase influence and control of the forces supporting it in controlling the Syrian economy.

New Quarantine Facility to be set up at Qamishlo 

Preparations are under way by the Health Body of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria to commence work at new quarantine facility to fight the Covid- 19 Pandemic in the city of Qamishlo of Rojava.  

Syrian families torn between leave and not Al-Hol camp

The Syrian families are divided over the Autonomous Administration’s resolution to leave the Al-Hol camp or not due to their own circumstances, while the camp administration confirmed that the services will remain unchanged at the camp.

Social cohesion, common life prevailed in Kurds and Syriacs villages

"It is difficult for a person outside the village to distinguish between the Kurdish and the Syriac, where we live together for better and worse" With these words, the Kurds and Syriacs described the social cohesion in the villages of Tirbê Spiyê.

Soon .. Step for Heart, Eye Hospital to save eye patients high costs

The Department of the Heart and Eye Hospital seeks to reduce the medical costs of the citizens, as the step of activating the excimer laser "laser" at the hospital is considered one of the most important steps that help eye patients and contribute to saving the expenses of performing the operation of vision correction.