MŞD calls for strong participation in commemorating massacre of Şengal

The Şengal Council of the Diaspora (MŞD) said in a statement that the strongest response to the latest massacre against the Yezidi people in Şengal  is to return, with the will and determination from the camps, to Şengal , and the Council called on everyone to participate strongly in the activities that will be organized against the massacres.

KNC blesses Eid al-Adha and confirms: Resistance continues

The Kurdistan National Congress published a statement in which it blessed Eid Al-Adha feast on "freedom fighters, the people of Kurdistan, and the Islamic world", and said: The holiday coincides with the launch of the Turkish occupation of several Kurdish regions, stressing the continued resistance and struggle in the face of the occupation.

By virtue of the resistance we managed to repel massacre

Martyrs' Families' Institution of Şengal said that: The Yazidis were exposed to heinous crimes in their history, with the aim of eliminating their presence, but they manage to repel the massacre by establishing Autonomous Administration in Şengal.

Guerrillas hit hard Turkish occupation army in series of operations

The Media Center of the Kurdistan People's Defense Forces, HPG said: On July 27, the guerrilla forces carried out 6 military operations against the Turkish occupation soldiers in the defense areas of Medya. The military operations resulted in the killing of 13 Turkish soldiers and painful strikes against the Turkish occupation. It also announced the record of 3 martyrs.

KRG parliament's report reveals scale of huge human and material losses caused by Turkish and Iranian attacks

The Kurdistan Regional Parliament prepared, through its committees, an expanded report in which it revealed the huge human and material losses in villages and multiple regions in the Kurdistan Region due to the attacks of the Turkish and Iranian occupation, and the report called on the regional government to stop the excesses of neighboring countries, in coordination with the federal government.

 11 Turkish soldiers killed in Heftanin

11 soldiers of the Turkish occupation army  were killed in operations carried out by the People Defense Forces, HPG and Free Women units – YJA Star in Heftanin.

HPG: 7 Turkish soldiers killed in Kafr, Khakurk operations

The People's Defense Forces HPG indicated that their fighters of Free Women Units YJA-Star carried out operations against the Turkish occupation army in the areas of Kafr and Khakurk, and resulted in the killing of 7 Turkish occupation soldiers.