Sheikh Baqi: Hulusi Akar's tour did not reap Erdogan's aspirations

​​​​​​​The Secretary-General of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party said that the results of the Turkish occupation defense minister, Hulusi Akar, did not meet Erdogan's expectations, so he started to launch threats again, adding " he will seek until the end to implement his plan to occupy the areas extending from Afrin to Şengal

Farouk Al-Mashi: Turkey has brought nothing but misfortune to Syrian people

The co-chair of the Social Affairs and Labor Authority in the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Farouk Al-Mashi, confirmed that the Turkish occupation brought nothing but crimes and violations wherever it occupied, and that international silence supported it and increased its expansionist ambitions.

​​​​​​​Hadiyya Youssef: Capitalist system attacks any alternative system

Member of the Executive Committee of the Democratic Union Party, Hadiyya Youssef, confirmed that the Turkish occupation of Afrin was the result of an international consensus, and explained that the capitalist forces sought, through their occupation, to eliminate the democratic nation's ideology, pointing out that the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) fighters' sacrifices are the source of Rojava Revolution's strength and the main reason for its steadfastness.

​​​​​​​Official in SNDUP criticizes Russia's complicity with Turkey

Mona al-Khalaf, a female official in the Syrian National Democratic Union Party (SNDUP), said that Russia remains silent about the Turkish violations in the regions of north and east Syria, and does not play its effective role in the areas in which it is present. She added that "there is complicity, the aim of which is to give Turkey the space to occupy the region."

Khalil Abdo: There are agreements between Turkey, Damascus government to strike AA

Member of the Presidency of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), Khalil Abdo, confirmed that the practices of the Damascus government and its agreements with the Turks to strike the Autonomous Administration will not succeed, and made clear that the awareness of the components of north and east Syria will foil all conspiracies.

Aldar Khalil: Ain Issa attacks and Qamishlo tension interrelated

Aldar Khalil, member of the Co-presidency Body of the Democratic Union Party, the PYD, indicated that an agreement has been reached upon by the Syrian Government and the Turkish State in reference to North Eastern Syria, noting that attacks on Ain Issa coincide with provocations by the Syrian Government Forces in Qamishlo. 

Official in SDC: Russia is partner in attacks on Ain Issa, not a guarantor

Member of the Public Relations Office of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) in Al-Raqqa, Khalil Al-Khamis, confirmed that Russia's non-interference as a guarantor in the ceasefire makes it a partner in the repeated attacks on Ain Issa district, adding, "Turkey directly targets civilians to displace them, as it did in Afrin, Tal Abyad and Ras al-Ain.

Al-Qaftan: Turkish occupation must be defeated from Syrian lands

The head of the Future Syria Party (FSP) Ibrahim al-Qaftan, stressed the need to defeat the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in the Syrian lands, he noted that Turkey seeks to revive the Ottoman Empire, “But history will not go backward, but rather go ahead