10 Syrian soldiers and affiliates killed in Syrian Desert 

At least 10 elements of the Syrian Government Forces and the affiliated Palestinian Qudis Brigade were killed by mines implanted by ISIS mercenary groups in the last 24 hours, in an operation to secure t5he Deir Ezzor Homs road in the Syrian Desert. 

Russian jets raid ISIS in Syrian Desert

Russian fighter jets have carried out at least 40 aerial raids on ISIS held posts in the Aleppo-Hama-Raqqa triangle in an operation to secure the Deir Ezzor –Homs road.

FBR's member: There is a match between ISIS and Turkey's mercenaries

Member of the Free Burma Rangers Organization FBR pointed out that there is a match between the practices of Turkey's mercenaries (the so-called Syrian National Army) in the occupied areas and the practices of ISIS in the areas that were under its occupation, and called on the US government to protect the region from wars.

Martyr Alariya laid to final rest

Martyr Alariya Ya'yube, member to the Sutoro Forces, was Laid to her final rest today in the Mar Jacob Graveyard of the Chaldeans, by hundreds of people in Derik.