Zînî wartê events… its aim to create Kurdish rift, KRG must achieve Kurdish demands

A member of the Administrative Committee of the Martyrs Families' Council in al-Hasakah canton called on the government of Başûr Kurdistan to work according to Kurdish people's demands not the other way around, noting that Zînî wartê events come as fear of the Turkish occupation from the Kurdish unity, so they are working hard to create another Kurdish rift.

Turkish state exploits the conflicts and developments taking place in "Zînî wartê" area of  Rawendoz district of the Hawler province in Başûr Kurdistan for its own interests, as it is the main reason for these conflicts and tensions that occur between the Kurdish parties, where the Turkish occupation aims through these conflicts, to deepen the chasm of differences between the Kurdish political parties and their parties in the sensitive circumstances that the Kurdish arena is going through.

Member of the Administrative Committee Martyrs Families' Council in al-Hasakah canton, Abdul Razzaq Muhammad, explained in an interview to Hawar news agency (ANHA) that Zînî wartê is a strategic area located on the outskirts of Qandil, and the Turkish state's attacks and sending the Peshmerga to that area is in order to "create harassment" for Qandil.

The time of the attacks is sensitive, and its aim is to thwart the unit

Muhammad indicated that these attacks came at a very sensitive time, as the Kurds sought the expected Kurdish unity, and the rapprochement of parties and opinions between them.

"The aim of the Turkish state from all these attacks is to keep the Kurds apart, and to thwart Kurdish unity, and this is its dream throughout history, it is not new at this moment.

 All of this has an impact on the Kurdish unity that every Kurd seeks in all parts of Kurdistan. "

Başûr government must act according to the demands of the people

Muhammad pointed out, that Turkey knows very well that by achieving Kurdish unity, there will be victories and official recognition of the Kurds, "and all of this is neither accepted nor desired, and unfortunately there are some Kurdish forces that fall under the influence and service of the Turkish state's plans, at this time the Kurds are considered as strong political and military forces. In the Middle East, especially in parts of Kurdistan. "

Muhammad pointed out that, due to Turkey's racist and barbaric policy, hundreds of thousands of Kurds were killed and displaced. He continued, "Our demand from all countries of the world is to stand up to the Turkish state and set borders for it. We also ask the Kurdistan Regional Government to work to serve the Kurdish people, not the other way around, in order to live The Kurds, like the rest of the components, are in peace and freedom. "

Turkey fears the Kurdish insistence on the resistance

And Abdul Razzaq Muhammad explained, that the Kurds were and are still a sign of victory, to resist in the revolutions that took place in these years or previous revolutions, and insist on continuing the struggle for freedom, and this is what Turkey is afraid of, "and therefore it seeks that the Kurds not become strong uniform. "

Muhammad appealed to all Kurdish parties, politicians, Kurdish leaders and writers to work for the unity of the Kurdish ranks, and added, "The appreciation of the martyrs and their sacrifices made for the Kurdish cause appears in this initiative and we must reap its fruits."

And concluded saying "It is the responsibility of the Kurdish people at this time to resist first, and unity second, by unity we will become more powerful in the face of the enemy and the occupiers to parts of Kurdistan."



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