YPJ ended 2 training courses

Martyr Berîvan Academy of the Women Protection Units(YPJ) ended 2 new training courses in which fighters of the Kurds and Arabs joined in ceremony organized today.

The ceremony was held at Martyr Berîvan Academy in al-Shadadi district of al-Hasakah canton in the presence of commanders of YPJ.

During the ceremony, the commander of YPJ, Rokan Afrin, who said, "we congratulate the graduation of the two courses on all the participants and all the fighters of the YPJ and we wish the victory to our comrades."

The ceremony ended with the slogans that salute the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan and his resistance

The first course named "the Martyr Amara" and the second named " Martyr Barin", where the two courses lasted 45 days, during which the fighters received a military and intellectual lessons.



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