YPJ disclosed 1 martyr's record

The Women Protection Units (YPJ) announced the martyrdom of fighter Avrîn Amanos. As a result of the accident, YPJ wished patience and solace to her family and promised to follow her footsteps.


The Media Center of the Women's Protection Unit(YPJ) issued a statement, revealing the record of the fighter Avrîn Amanos, who martyred during an accident.

The units indicated during the statement that on 5 March, as a result of an accident, fighter Avrîn Amanos was martyred.

The units said during the statement, "our comrade Avrîn grew up among a national family, and she searched for freedom since a young age and joined the ranks of the revolution.

The units wished during the statement of patience to her families and promised to follow her footsteps."



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