Youth of Afrin canton appeal to all young to join the "We Will Win" campaign

The Revolutionary Mouth movement in Afrin region announced its solidarity with the "We Will Win" campaign against the Turkish occupation and appealed to all youth to escalate the struggle, through a statement.

Dozens of young men gathered in in Al-Ahris district in Al-Shahba canton, set fires, raised the flags of the Revolutionary Youth Movement and the Young Women's Movement and pictures of the leader Abdullah Ocalan. They read a statement the text of it read:

Today in the Middle East, the Kurdish people and the peoples of the region are going through a difficult time as the colonial and authoritarian states carry out policies of dissolution and extermination.

We, as RYM and the YWM, will prevail in the spirit of Haftanin resistance and the fighters of the mountains of Kurdistan despite the spread of the Coronavirus, our struggle will continue against fascism.

We announce the "We Will Win" campaign, and call on all the peoples of Kurds, Arabs, Syrians, Assyrians, Turkmen and Yazidis in the regions of northern and eastern Syria, to stand against the Turkish occupation, and stand behind the resistance of the People Defense Forces in Haftanin against the Turkish occupation. In the spirit of August 15 we will win.

We will defeat Turkish fascism. We appeal to all the youth and the people to keep the spirit of resistance and philosophy of the leader. We will organize all young men and women to continue our struggle against all the plots that are being hatched against our people. "

The statement concluded by chanting slogans saluting the resistance of Haftanin in the face of the Turkish occupation.

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