Youth launched campaign against extermination of society

In coordination with the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement, the Health Council of Sheikh Maqsoud and al-Ashrafiya Neighborhood in Aleppo City organized a lecture on the drug risks attended by tens of the youth of the region.   

This lecture came within the campaign launched by the youth to raise the awareness of the youth to be aware of the private war methods carried out by the systems that aim to exploit the youth and to keep them away from the society values.

The lecture organized today in the center of the Revolutionary Youth Center in Shiekh Maqsod in which it touched upon the risks of the drugs and the importance to be away from the drugs.

The specialist in the Neuropsychiatric diseases, the Doctor Mohammed al-Issa gave a lecture in which he explained the dangers of the drug.

Al-Issa also warned the youth of the social negative of the drugs on society.

Al-Issa wished all the youth to keep them away from the drugs which affect human health and affect their behavior in the society.



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