Youth killed, others injured in confrontations with Israeli army

The Israeli army killed a Palestinian boy and wounded others during clashes that erupted last night in Fawwar camp in the West Bank city of Hebron, while the Israeli army continues to besiege the village of Ya`bad in Jenin camp, in search of the perpetrators of the killing of the Israeli soldier yesterday.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced: “The boy, Fadl Qaysia, 14, was killed, and 4 others were injured during clashes with the Israeli army.”

In a statement, she said: "The boy Zaid Fadl Qaysia (14 years old) was killed by a live bullet in the head, which was fired by the Israeli soldiers, while four young men were wounded by live bullets, one in the abdomen and the other in the chest, and the rest in the lower limbs."

Palestinian sources said that violent clashes erupted last night, between the Israeli army and dozens of Palestinian youths, in several areas in the West Bank, as the army stormed the Palestinian areas.

The Israeli website, "Walla", said: "Since yesterday, the Israeli army has continued to besiege the village of Ya`bad in the Jenin district, adding that the Israeli army forces stormed the village and arrested 13 of its residents."

And added, "The village of Ya`bad witnessed last night violent confrontations that continued until dawn, between the youth of the village and the Israeli army, in the aftermath of its storming of the village, "he pointed out:" The Israeli army continues searching for the perpetrator of the stone-throwing operation on the Israeli soldier, Amit Bin Yajal, who was killed yesterday in the village. "

In a related context, the Hebrew media reported that a group of settlers, tonight, wrote threats to the homes of Beitin, Ramallah district, demanding revenge for the killing of the soldier in Ya`bad.



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