​​​​​​​Yousef reveals objectives of Afrin explosion

Hedia Yousef described Afrin explosion as "terrorist and against humanity." She accused the Turkish occupation of being its mastermind and highlighted its aims.

A popular market in the occupied city of Afrin witnessed a terrorist explosion on April 28 that left dozens of civilians dead and wounded from the inner city in addition to a number of  killed people among the mercenaries.

The occupied areas by Turkey are living under a major insecurity with the support of the occupation itself in its quest to change the demographics of the areas through targeting the security of its indigenous peoples and pressuring mercenaries who sometimes fail to comply with its orders, especially since Turkey is trying to send them to fight in Libya.

The explosion came at a time when the Turkish occupation and mercenaries of the so-called the "Syrian National Army" and many terrorist factions are continuing to violate the  ceasefire agreements that Turkey has concluded with the American and Russian sides in the northern and eastern Syria, where the occupation has been trying for some time to blame the security chaos and explosions with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the People's Protection Units (YPG).

The explosion met with much criticism, as the United Nations and the international community called for an end to the Turkish occupation in northern and eastern Syria, particularly and Syria in general.

In an interview with Hawar news agency, Yousef, the member of Kongra Star Coordination condemned Afrin explosion and accused the Turkish intelligence service (MIT) of masterminding the blast.

"The violations practiced against the people and nature of Afrin have not stopped. Hardly a day goes by until one of Afrin people is killed or kidnapped by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army. These practices are primarily aimed at removing the native citizens from their homeland," Yousef said.

Who is behind the explosions and what are its objectives

She confirmed that what happened and is happening in the occupied area is caused by the Turkish occupation.

"All practices are led by the Turkish state of occupation," she said adding, "We offer our condolences for all the families that lost one of its members in the recent terrorist explosion in Afrin, which claimed the lives of dozens of civilians and left hundreds injured."

"We doubt that  (MIT) is involved in this explosion. There are several objectives; elimination of some mercenary factions and removing Afrin people from their land. Hence the explosion happened, the Turkish ministry accused the YPG of being behind it. So how does it know that it will happen to accuse the YPG of masterminding after moments," the member of Kongra Star Coordination Hedia Yousef said.

They live in the contradictions and the explosion is a terrorist act

"There are many contradictions if we consider the situation of mercenaries, some are forced to go to Libya and Yemen, including those whose salaries have been cut off, others are fighting to divide the stolen goods from the people of Afrin," she said.

Yousef described Afrin explosion as a "terrorist against humanity" and called on international actors to intervene and stop Turkish attacks and their linked mercenaries.

"We will not forget the Tel Rifaat massacre that took place several months ago, where many children were victimized. Therefore, it is not out of mind that there will be other explosions in the occupied Afrin. If the occupiers are not brought to an end, these practices will always create political and social instability inside Syria, and the defenseless people paying the price," she said.

 Tel Rifaat threat

Yousef noted that if there is an attack on the town of Tel Rifaat, the residents will be in great danger. "Now the Turkish state and its mercenaries are threatening Tel Rifaat, where more than 25,000 of Afrin displaced live. They are waging a special war on the people here to be displaced again. If the international organizations do not stand up to Turkey and its mercenaries, they will inevitably attack and the people will be in the face of death," she said.

"We do not accept these policies that are in force by the Turkish state and its mercenaries. We will resist if Turkey and the mercenaries repeat their attacks on us," the member of Kongra Star Coordination Hedia Yousef concluded.



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